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 Premium Only Plans

The Premium only Plan (POP) was created under Section 125 of the Internal Revenue Code. A POP allows your employees to pay their premiums for employer sponsored insurance such as health, dental, vision, disability, accident and group life (to 50,000) on a pretax basis. You can give your employees a raise, and your company a tax break. Both the employers and the employees profit!

Eagle Ridge offers the following services with POP Administration:

  • Provide all legal Documents and Administrative Forms
  • Phone Support concerning legal and Administrative practices of a 125 plan
  • Process and Maintain Change of Status Elections
  • Process initial Benefit Election Forms to initiate records for plan Administration
  • Prepare reports for payroll setup for employee elections
  • Process and send Employer Pay Cycle Contribution Billing Reports to reconcile with payroll
  • Perform nondiscrimination test and Provide nondiscrimination reports to employer, as needed
  • Advise Plan Administration of any known Plan Compliance Issues